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Many of my customers, are friends I met on my Facebook page they ‘re from all over the world and most of them use the English language. They are from countries such as The United States of America, The United Kingdom,  Italy , Canada , Brazil , Argentina, Belgium , France, Australia , Germany , New Zeeland, Ireland, South Africa , Greece , Turkey , Romania, Portugal , Mexico ,

Israel and many more.

 shabby treats

Specially for them I made this page in English to explain what Shabby Treats are, Treasures and Keepsakes are. For my Dutch friends just use Google Chrome as your browser, because it will ask

you if you want to translate the website. So you`ll be able to understand the essentials of this article.


When we use the words treasures and keepsakes we are referring to possessions whether big or

small, old or new ,ex or inexpensive, which for whatever reason have a personal meaning to someone.

Treasures and keepsakes can be possessions of any kind, which may be regarded as precious or of being  emotionally valuable in one way or another. Treasures can also be heirlooms, which are passed

on through the generations, telling stories of the past. A keepsake can  be simply a concert ticket which

may be regarded as special and wants to be cherished for whatever reason.
Shabby Treats  are special gifs, that’s why I choose the name for my webshop.


Shabby treats is an extension of my Shop, The Shabby Shed.  in

The Shabby Shed I’m specialized in brocante furniture and country style furniture.



Because I have many friends all over the world who don’t have the possibility to visit my shop, but really like the products  I sell , I made the decision to start Shabby Treats.


For them it’s  now possible to ‘open their world with inspiring gifts from Shabby Treats’.


I hope many of my friends are happy with the Special Gifts I can offer them with Shabby Treats.


Looking back at my personal photographs which were taken of me as a baby, toddler and teenager , they evoke memories of special times and of certain events in my life.   The photographs are very important to me and my children, but also for the future generations to come.  Photographs which will be treasured and kept as keep -sakes,  preserving memories.


Keepsakes are personal meaningful ways to remember a loved one or particular events in a person’s life. The most of you will probably have a keepsake box which holds precious memories, maybe containing a lock of hair, some dried flowers from a wedding bouquet or a piece of jewelry, hand written notes or an embroidered handkerchief or even a rosette which you won at your first gymkhana. All saved safely in a box and all treasured memories.


One of my own most precious keepsakes is a card which my Mum sent to my Dad whilst he was serving in the British Navy in the Second World War. The card contains a message with a heartwarming verse and underneath a personal hand written message . This is for me a treasured keepsake of enormous sentimental value, one to, treasure ,for always.


Keepsakes and treasures tell stories of the past and present. No matter what for value they have money wise, whether it being a scrap book, a greetings card or a piece of child’s clothing, these are a remembrance of something,  a token of friendship or feelings of affection.  A keepsake doesn’t have to be old, it could be newly bought, it maybe a photo album which is being put together for a future keep sake. Or even a special piece of furniture which will be handed down in the family.


Treasures to be cherished and keepsakes to treasure, fond memories or a person’s prized procession, it doesn’t matter what , because “today’s treasures are tomorrow’s keepsakes.”……. keep them safe


I hope you will find many Shabby Treats, Treasures  or Keepsakes in my webshop , enjoy them and keep them safe!

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